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pandoras algorithm
(2020 - ongoing)

Just as Prometheus bestowed fire upon humanity, knowledge grows
with every achievement scientists bring forth. As titans of the new age,
they wield wisdom and power. With rapid developments in quantum computing,
various implications for the future arise. Among those are benefits and
uncertainties. However, these are only known to a select few. Therefore, alienation
thrives between those who seek answers and the individuals that fail to comprehend
their questions. Our world continues to be driven to a state in which science
blurs the boundaries of reality.  

In this photographic series, Moses Omeogo explores the developments
and implications of quantum computing. By using a selection of staged,
documentary and still life pictures he exposes various intertwining
narratives of science, simulation and hidden power structures.

In 2018 the european commission started  an initiative  to accelarate
research into the quantum realm. Thus, allocating funds of 1 Billion  Euros
to researchers and facilities. The parties involved are hoping that this
will position Europe at the top of the next quantum revolution.

A quantum computer‘s power is determined by the amount of
Qubits it holds. The more there are the faster it can calculate.
However, if the amount is increased fragility rises aswell.
Therefore, a cylinder with multiple layers is placed around
the device, protecting it from vibrations, electromagnetic waves
and heat. The container inhibiting the Qubits is cooled down,
nearly frozen to absolute zero.

A regular computer uses bits, as in ones and zeros. The quantum
counterpart however, generates its calculating prowess through
the superposition.

Imagine a coin. As you flick it in the air and it lands on the ground,
either heads or tails will be visible. It can only be one of the two,
just like a regular bit. Would you spin the coin on a table and stop it
at a certain point, it is either heads, tails or something in between.
Quantum bits decide their state in the moment they are measured,
until then it is fluctuating, unable to grasp, like a shapeshifter.

As the research  and development of quantum computers continues,
a race against time has begun to establish appropriate counter measures.
With the ability to calculate every possible outcome of a formula or code,
all the current encrypting systems will be obsolete in the face of the devices supremacy.

In a not so distant future, various parties, such as hacker groups and
government institutions might use the quantum computer for surveillance
and control of citizens or wage enhanced (cyber) warfare.

The current systems are still in their infancy, so I don‘t
believe that anything dangerous can come from them in
the near future. Quantum computers, as many other
research artifacts, are simply tools, they are neither good
nor bad in themselves, it depends on the usage one
makes of them.

- L. I.

linen hardcover
74 pages
21 x 26 cm
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