Moses Omeogo

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the builder


Man steps in front of our Lord, the almighty.
Risen from the earths womb.
Broken through the fall of man.
A puppet admist the tempest of creation.

series of analog collages made with archival materials from the 50’s
(theater booklets, drawings, encyclopedia entries & magazines)

210 x 297mm
170g rough grammature paper

Being brought up in a religious family, Moses Omeogo has always been interested
in topics surrounding belief and mythology. Therefore, it happened quite naturally
that the choice for this project was biblical in nature. In this body of work he visualises
the process of creation and the fall of man according to the old testament.

vast oceans, its depth’s unfathomable

creatures gluide through the heavenly realm

molded by earth, walking amongst it’s brethren


the companion’s creation

a fruit, looming in the tree top

temptations rises, as the snake whisper’s


the fall of man

“In his series Urpsrung, Moses Omeogo examines the borders of the
photographic practice. But is that still photography? He combines and splits images,
adds various graphic elements and reassambles them with body fragments.
Thus enhancing the scope and depth of his imagery. This is fantanstic and
a prime example for artistic collage. Therefore, the clear winner
of this years award in the category experiments with photography.”

-  German Youth Photography Award 2020, jury comment

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